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Moderated by Scott Clark, a.k.a. cannellfan, former editor of the printed The Cannell Files letterzine.

This is an online continuation of the printed letterzine produced from 1986 to 1989, which celebrated all the tv series credited or produced by Stephen J. Cannell, either when he worked for Universal or after he launched his own production company, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, in 1979.

This is an "unmoderated" forum for discussing most anything associated with any of Cannell's catalog of series, from trivia to DVD sets to "where are they now?" threads. Let's see where this goes. Anyone's invited to join -- all I ask is that you post a comment introducing yourself and your Cannell-related interests when you first show up.

The Official Stephen J. Cannell website

Bear with me as I create a linked list here in the "profile" to communities dedicated to specific Cannell series...for the time being, you can see a list of these in the "interests" below. [Current links go to epguides.com or tv.com episode guides]

Stephen J. Cannell series work as writer/producer for Universal:

After formation of Stephen J. Cannell Productions [1979]

Broken Pilots, TV-Movies [TVM], and/or Straight-to-Video/DVD

This listing of pilots and tv-movies from Cannell and his production company is incomplete, and will continue to be updated as additional information becomes available.

This community is also available to discuss Steve's novels, which is all we've really gotten from him since Silk Stalkings ended in 1999. He's had a dozen published now. I'll have to admit, though, that I'm much more a fan of his tv series than his books.

Steve's books:

  • The Plan [1995]
  • Final Victim [1996]
  • King Con [1997]
  • Riding the Snake [1998]
  • The Devil's Workshop [1999]
  • The Tin Collectors [2000] [introduces Shane Scully]
  • The Viking Funeral [2001] [Scully]
  • Hollywood Tough [2002] [Scully]
  • Runaway Heart [2003]
  • Vertical Coffin [2004] [Scully]
  • Cold Hit [2005] [Scully]
  • White Sister [2006] [Scully]